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Post a free ad

Post an ad is very easy and you can do it in no more than 2 minutes. You only have to fill in the fields following the instructions next to each field. With the exception of the e-mail, all the other fields will be visible for the website users.

If you have posted ads before, log in and you will not have to fill in your personal data, you will only have to fill in the ad data.

* Title

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[Required] Fill in a descriptive title. This will help your ad to be found by search engines.

* Description

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[Required] Fill in a detailed description. Say the service you offer, the way you are, your appearance, talk about you... The more information you give, the more people will contact you. Don't fill in your e-mail or phone number here because you will have gaps below to this purpose.


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[Optional] Add a maximum of 6 photos. If you select several photos after clicking on "Add files", all of them will be added together. Add your images in the order you want them in your ad; the system will take the first vertical image as the main photo and if there aren't any vertical image, it will take the first one as the main photo. Remember that ads with photos receive 7 times more contacts.
Allowed formats: jpg, jpeg, png, gif. Maximum size for each photo: 10 mb.

 Maximum: 6 photos


* Phone

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[Required] Fill in a phone number to allow people to contact you in reference to your ad.

* Age

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[Required] Select your age. Note that you can only post ads if you are more than 18 years old.

* Category

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[Required] Select your ad category. Note that if your ad doesn't match the specified category, it will be moved or deleted without any warning.

* State

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[Required] Select the state where your ad is located.

* City

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[Required] Once you have selected the state, you must select one of the values autocompleted while you are writing.

* Name

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[Required] Fill in your name.

* E-mail

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[Required] Fill in a valid e-mail. The e-mail will not be public; you will receive ad contacts through Besides, we will send you an e-mail with your identification data to manage your ad. For that reason, it is very important that you fill in a real e-mail.

The e-mail will not be public


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[Optional] Check the next box if you want a profile for you within the website. If you wish, a new space will be created within the website where people will see all your ads.

Offers and information

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[Optional] Check the next box if you want sending you offers and information in the future.

Place your ad

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[Optional] Search for an address or a place on the map and drag the marker to the precise position where you want your ad placed. Use the zoom to display the part of the map you want. Your exact location won't be shown, we'll show the approximate area.

Fields marked with * are required
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